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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The duties and responsibilities of a Garment Merchandiser

Garment Merchandising position is a smart position in a RMG industry. But it remains true that it contains a lot of risks.  To handle all items related with Garment Merchandising is so hard. But if someone (Merchandiser) draws the high concentration on their job then he/she will become a successful merchandiser.

Anyway, Now I would like to write the mail role of a Merchandiser:
The main role of a garment Merchandiser is to collect Garment export order (Export L/C). Then produce the garments and export. If a Merchandiser can the all operation successfully then his/her garment owner as well as he/she will be benefited. But it’s a matter of true that to perform those above functions successfully needs huge knowledge and tremendous effort for a Merchandiser.

Duties and Responsibilities of Merchandiser:
The major duties and responsibilities of a garment merchandiser are as below-

•    To procure or collect a garment export order or export L/C
•    To estimate time schedule for the export of those garments as per L/C
•    To arrange all the materials needed for the garments to manufacture and export
•    To monitor collection of raw materials as per time schedule
•    To monitor the quantity and quality of the collected raw materials
•    To select garment factory if needed
•    To monitor garment production progress as per time schedule
•    To monitor desired/imposed quality level of the produced garment
•    To monitor garment packing instructions
•    To monitor banking and shipment arrangements as per time schedule
•    To maintain continuous liaison with the buyer or his/her representative if needed
•    To maintain continuous liaison with his/her controlling authorities
•    To follow up payment collection against garments export as  per schedule
•    And finally, To earn profit through garment export execution 


  1. very helpful article...............:-)

  2. I am From Dhaka University and Just Completed BBA & MBA in MIS.Recently I am offered for a merchandiser position But I don't Know about how much compensation I will be offered .
    My queries to about career growth in this position
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  3. Anonymous: main issue here do you know fully garment merchandising?

  4. Hi,
    Absolutely nice post it is. Merchandising is the core system for garments industry to make correspondence with buyers and factory as well. All the responsibilities included your above mentioned point are to be fulfilled by a merchandiser to execute an order. Thanks

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  6. Hi,i m hiron.recently i complete my study from engineering. and i did a course of marchendising from BGMEA.i know how to maintain a buyer.and what are the responsibility of a i would like to find a job in buying house or garment.

  7. Hi I am Girish from Bangalore I did executive MBA in mktg. And currently working in garment accessories co., for the past 4 years but I have keen interest to become a garments merchandiser please guide me can I get the jobs? In a garment accessories co., I don't have good scope for career growth.
    Please share your opinion.